Trading cryptocurrencies
since 2013
What is needed to sign up ?

What is needed to sign up ?

For verification to level 1 (allowed monthly sum of orders is 10 000€)

  • Photo/scan of 2 actual documents with photography (they must be readable, with the same name as entered in registration)
  • Photo of statement of account with visible name of owner (same as you entered in order and on documents) and bank account number.
  • In the end, we will verify your phone number by short call.

For verification to level 2 (orders above 10 000€ monthly)

  • It is needed to provide a reason of your order/change
  • It is needed to prove the origin of the money from which you pay the orders (payslip, contract of sale, evidence of heritage)
  • Photo of you (selfie) holding one of documents sent to us in verification to level 1